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In an as-yet-unpublished study, he found that young people's actions on My Space--including looking at others' risqué poses, displaying their own and tapping into porn links--are strongly influenced by parenting styles.

His team asked parents and young people to rate the way parents monitored young people's computer use, dividing parents into four categories: authoritative, combining warmth and control; authoritarian, melding control and low warmth; indulgent, displaying warmth and low control; and neglectful, combining low warmth and low control.

Authoritative and authoritarian parents were much more likely than indulgent or neglectful ones to limit their youngsters' use of My Space, for example by keeping tabs on their children's My Space pages and requiring them to keep the computer in family rooms, the team found.

In turn, the teens appeared to internalize those messages by, for example, not looking at suggestive poses of fellow My Space users as much as those with indulgent or neglectful parents."Basically you're looking at clear, obvious differences in parenting styles, even in what kids see on My Space," says Rosen (see "Creating a space for My Space").

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For example, one databased educational effort could be to counsel teens that online porn "is one very specific notion of sex and sexuality, and may not correspond with what they, and most adults, experience in their sex lives," he says.Similarly, Australian sociologist Michael Flood, Ph D, of La Trobe University, reported in the March issue of the (Vol. 1, pages 45-60) that 38 percent of boys and 2 percent of girls ages 16 and 18 deliberately accessed such material.

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