Dating longcase clock cases

13-Nov-2017 19:24

Such value for money comes in the shape of an elegant George III mahogany cased clock sporting a white painted dial and 8 day movement.

Should £1,500 be beyond your budget then don't despair as oak cased country clocks of 30 hour duration can be found selling at auction for less than £600.

James Stratton proudly showing me a beautifully engraved brass dial by Joseph Knibb - mine for a mere £3,000 and more.

The top end of the market has remained strong with the price of a William and Mary marquetry cased example in less than perfect condition starting at £5,000.

A 30 hour mechanism is wound by opening the cabinet door and pulling down on an internal chain.

The dial is full and lacks the unnecessary winding squares.

Scottish longcase clocks dating from the Regency period of about 1820 are quite distinctive in having circular hoods with tapered cabinets and well worth looking out for with prices starting at £1200.Few can be found with a price tag of less than £2,500.Most mahogany longcase clock cabinets are veneered onto an oak carcass whereas their oak counterpart is invariably in solid wood.The Victorian fashion for carved oak furniture is evident in the number of elaborately decorated oak longcase clocks that have survived.

A significant number are of earlier date having been later 'improved' by itinerant woodcarvers going from house to house.The need to protect the movement within a high case to house the heavy drive weights, and soon afterwards a long pendulum that beat once every second, led to a style of clock that remained popular for more than two centuries.