Dating mexican fender bass

21-Dec-2017 22:05

Also, if the bass has crappy pickups it sounds muddy.

Cleveland Eaton(jazz bassist who played with Ramsey Lewis and Count Basie to name a few) said “If it can’t be played on 4 strings, then it don’t need to be played.” This is the truth!!

Rich guitar was stamped “Proto,” beginning in 1972, and subsequent guitars were consecutively numbered beginning 001, 002, etc.

Thus, the first guitar of 1974 would have been numbered 74000, followed by 74001, etc.

Raves and Platinums Soon thereafter Rico engaged a different Korean factory to begin producing the down-market Rave and Platinum Series guitars, this time, unlike the U.

“I remember I had to go over to Hollywood to get advice about how to wire the guitar once it was built,” recalls Rico.You MUST have a great amp that can handle the low B frequencies and still sound clean.