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Here Joan of Arc broke the English seige of this Loire stronghold and began her triumphant campaign to restore the French throne to France.But the roots of Orleans go still deeper than 15th Century history. It led a revolt against Julius Caesar 52 years before Christ was born.(2) In April 1969, the Communcations Zone, Europe was discontinued and replaced by the newly formed Theater Army Support Command, Europe (TASCOMEUR).Maj Gen Vaughan assumed command of TASCOMEUR upon its activation.NATO is pledged to a mutual protection of the North Atlantic area.It established the European military force of which we are a part.

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The port of Bremerhaven is on the North Sea at the mouth of the Weser River.

The "Lifeline to the Frontline" shoulder patch has recently been reinstated as the Communications Zone shoulder patch.

The patch was originally worn by members of Com Z between 19.

COM Z is a highly important subordinate command of the United States Army, Europe.

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Its mission is to support that Army, the bulk of whose combat forces are in Germany.

Whether you are stationed in England, Germany or France, it is almost certain that some time during your European tour you will find yourself traveling to some of the cities or installations in the USAREUR Communications Zone -- COM Z.

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