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Isolated and stupefyingly hot (more than 100 days a year over 100 degrees and temperatures well into the 120s during the summer months are common), very few people could stand to be in this part of the world until the waters came.(CDC) built a canal to siphon water from the Colorado River to irrigate the barren region to the south of the Salton Sink.The entire volume of the Colorado River poured into the sink, unimpeded for over 18 months.At times, the water flowed at over 100,000 cubic feet Four separate projects were started to try and stop the hemorrhaging river all ending in failure.Their bodies covered with a rocky crust, like a once submerged reef poking out of a calm sea.The rotten trailers and buildings were explosively hot inside, even hours after sundown.

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Every few steps it’d crack under your weight, sinking you ankle deep, into the stinking mud.Its languid surface, at 228 feet below sea level, is only five feet higher than the lowest point in Death Valley.This former resort region had its heyday during the early 1960’s, when it was a bustling place filled with weekend revelers from the nearby Los Angeles and San Diego metropolitan areas.Somnolent flies stirred to life in black clouds with every step.

On the shoreline, a few unrecognizable cars rested up to their doorhandles in the sludgy water.

Along the southeastern shore near Niland sits an old adobe resort, dating back to the 1930s.

Roskilde has a long history, dating from the pre-Christian Viking Age.… continue reading »

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