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The small home they had for themselves was called , and it had once been a tavern before the economy strangled it.

Named for its serpentine shape - the building had been crafted from several dozen shipping containers, lashed together and decorated over the years by the owning family - was surprisingly comfortable inside.

As if in a deliberate attempt to test her friends, Ami bent forward to operate the ancient video console. Her palm slapped down in a place in the center of Rankin's lap and suddenly the blushing human girl was seated on a free beanbag as the movie started to play - the tinny audio of the ominous theme filling the room.

Modern ones just streamed straight from the infosphere, but this one actually took primitive disks, chips, tapes and other esoterica, often from kludged together attachments that hung together more with duct tape and hope than from any kind of actual design. " She said, holding out a hand to Nora for a high five. "You guys aren't watching dirty movies up there, are you? Meanwhile, the menu screen on the CRT-TV showed the play option, the chapter option, the special features, and a running series of clips from the movie. It's a tale of death and deceit, or murder most foul, and the efforts of a clever man attempting to stop a wicked killer before it's too late! "With supernatural baddies." Sam added, nodding sagely. "So long as you don't do any drugs..." She muttered, slowly starting to retreat back down the hatch. Only Rakin knew that, for one moment, his friend's palm has cupped his thick, semi-hard Vesk cock. "The more frequently or easily a nice pair of breasts are available, without an increasing demand of instances to see said nice pairs of breasts- either by sex drive or by more people, the demand to see a new pair of breasts declines." Sam said, her head craned up to see the movie before she slid her arms under herself to prop her up.

Her eyes came to a pair of slender folds, while her hair ranged in color from a haze of rainbow colors to pale as white depending on her mood. Hana claimed on different days to be either the former concubine of a long dead king, a decommissioned combat droid, an assassin robot, or spontaneously generated from nearby scrap. Hana's eyes whirred as she looked at the buxom elf appraisingly, her blue skin highlighted by the red neon lights in lines in her skin and her glowing red eyes, pressing back her blueish black hair as she nodded sagely. His spell cache - being a Vesk didn't mean he wasn't smart enough to master magic. " She looked expectantly at her other friends - Sam and Nora.

Today, she was favoring her natural black, with a single streak of white to accentuate her bangs. "Our lovable lizardman says: Lacks literary..." Ami paused, sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. A near pass for Ami's elder, Nora sat with both of her legs crossed near the generator.

Those ships were visible, even through the gathering dust storm, as vast, whale like humps on the horizon.

But, by and large, most of the words are my friends and mine. This is a game that requires players - and life isn't planned by yours truly.

Think of this as the literary version of the youtube lets plays of tabletop games. I will do my best to keep the game together, but players may need to leave, schedules may change, jobs may alter.

A small generator, a laser-link com to an orbiting satellite, and a rather nice salvaged CRT-TV made for a respectable video den, with large cushions and bean bags laid out for everyone who had come to weather the storm with some bad movies and good friends. " This box had a scheming looking man - human, with wild eyes and a huge bushy beard, standing on a snowy field, surrounded by rough looking adventurers carrying old style hunting rifles and revolver pistols. They all had to wonder where the hell she got these fucking videos.

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"Okay, guys," Ameiko said, grinning as she looked at her friends. They were definitely the kind of things that would have a single sentence entry on the Info Sphere Movie Database.As she wiggled her hips from side to side, her necklace slipped from between her smallish breasts - dangling in the air. Hana snickered, "Don't worry, when we take over your efforts will be recognized and your full conversion will come." She nodded, "And I promise I'll do my best to get the rest of you choice positions in the pleasure domes." "I will wait for that day, and bribe Nora for a show." Sam teased with a smirk, her eyes locked onto that nicely shaped rump and let Ami see her staring brazenly. Bentha's feet started to clatter on the floor downstairs, her voice sounding as if she was coming closer. Ami shifted slightly to the side and covered the screen. " She said cheerfully, wiggling her fingers and tapping the start button on the player as soon as Bentha was gone. His palm caused Ami to stiffen slightl, her cheeks turning bright red. Though Ami, if you keep that up I'm going to roll over." Sam noted. "I mean, yes, they will not be AS demanded if they're bouncing freely all the time, but depending on the quality of the breast there will always be a relatively high level of demand, if only for aesthetic value." She nodding as she spoke, continuing to casually massage Ami's feet.

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