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4.1 STAND-ALONE ———————– If you will manage the Host Bus adapter installed in a stand-alone system, install the SANSurfer GUI and Agent (Windows Platform).4.2 NETWORKED ——————— If you will manage the Host Bus adapter residing in a remote system in a Windows environment, install the SANSurfer GUI on a management system.

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QLogic SANSurfer Pro for Wvindows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Net Ware 6.x operating system enironments version 2.0.30b81 This program was previously released as IBM FASt T Management Suite Java (FASt T MSJ).Important: Please refer to section 9.0 for the limitations in this version of SANSurfer.Last update: 05/18/2006 CONTENTS ————- This readme file includes the following information: 1.0 Overview 2.0 OS Support 3.0 Components 4.0 Configuration 5.0 Requirements 6.0 Downloading and Installing SANSurfer 7.0 Executing SANSurfer 8.0 Uninstalling SANSurfer 9.0 Limitations 10.0 Web Sites and Support Phone number 11.0 Trademarks and Notices 12.0 Disclaimer ==================================================================== 1.0 OVERVIEW ——————– QLogic SANSurfer supports the following HBA’s: —————————————————————————————————————– | FASt T Adapter | QLogic Adapter | IBM Feature Code | IBM Option P/N| —————————————————————————————————————– |Netfinity Fibre | | | | |Channel Host Adapter | QLA2100F | | 01K7297 | |FASt T Host Adapter | QLA2200F/66-IBM-SP | FC2102 | 00N6881 | |FASt T/DS4000 FC2 | QLA2310FL-IBM-SP | FC2130 | 19K1246 | |FASt T/DS4000 FC2-133 | QLA2340-IBM-SP | FC2104 | 24P0960 | | | | | 24P0961 | |DS4000 FC 4Gb-Single | QLA2460-IBM-SP | FC2105 | 39M5894 | |DS4000 FC 4Gb-Dual | QLA2462-IBM-SP | FC2106 | 39M5895 | —————————————————————————————————————– Some of the features include: · Timely and accurate detection of I/O failures · Local and remote management of adapters · Performance statistics · Central control point in a network environment · Diagnostics & utilities Please refer to the corresponding Change History document for information on new features and modifications.You can also obtain them from Mechanicsburg as a kit (P/N 24P0950).

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Note: Do not use any other wrap connector such as those supplied with Switches (wrap connectors P/N 16G5609 or 86F1180).

They are not compatible with the adapters and will give erroneous results.