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04-Oct-2017 12:40

The single nonwhite woman’s voice heard at this time—that of speech was delivered in 1851 before the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, but Truth did not dedicate her life to women’s rights.

Instead, she promoted abolitionism and a land-distribution program for other former slaves.

By the mid-19th century, issues surrounding feminism had added to the tumult of social change, with ideas being exchanged across Europe and North America.

In the first feminist article she dared sign with her own name, Louise Otto, a German, built on the work of Charles Fourier, a French social theorist, quoting his dictum that “by the position which women hold in a land, you can see whether the air of a state is thick with dirty fog or free and clear.” And after Parisian feminists began publishing a daily newspaper entitled Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the wife of an abolitionist and the only non-Quaker in the group.

Olympe de Gouges, a noted playwright, published (1792), the seminal English-language feminist work, was published in England.

Women were prevented from conducting business without a male representative, be it father, brother, husband, legal agent, or even son.

Concern in the United States turned to the pending Civil War, while in Europe the reformism of the 1840s gave way to the repression of the late 1850s. Civil War, American feminists assumed that woman suffrage would be included in the Fifteenth Amendment to the U. Constitution, which prohibited disfranchisement on the basis of race.

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