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N.", "National District"), itself bordered on three sides by Santo Domingo Province.

Founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496, on the east bank of the Ozama River and then moved by Nicolás de Ovando in 1502 to the west bank of the river, the city is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas, and was the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule in the New World.

Diego Colon arrived in 1509, assuming the powers of Viceroy and admiral.

In 1512, Ferdinand established a Real Audiencia with Juan Ortiz de Matienzo, Marcelo de Villalobos, and Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon appointed as judges of appeal.

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The city's Colonial Zone was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.), from 1936 to 1961, after the Dominican Republic's dictator, Rafael Trujillo, named the capital after himself.Following his assassination, the city resumed its original designation.