Sedating a cat for travel in a car

20-Jul-2017 14:12

She didn't want the Banfield vet to lose her license, but she thinks a reprimand for mixing up four dogs wasn't enough. "But I couldn't do anything about it." Banfield says the case led to major changes company-wide to increase pet safety.

Schadler and Hearn of the Veterinary Medical Board said accidents do happen.

The board's job is to determine if a mistake was an accident or neglect, which can lead to punishment for a veterinarian.

Executive Director Tod Schadler and attorney George Hearn say the state board handles, on average, 60 complaints a year for the more than 3,000 licensed veterinarians in North Carolina.

Mariotte took her four dogs to Banfield Animal Hospital in Knightdale to get check-ups. Banfield misidentified the dogs and ended up sedating two dogs that had serious, and previously diagnosed, heart issues. "I mean, literally, it was a miracle." The Veterinary Medical Board reprimanded the vets in both Vaughan's and Mariotte's case.

One of the dogs, Snowball, was supposed to go in for a check-up but ended up having seven teeth pulled and was given medication based on the weight of another dog. Likewise, they reprimanded a vet who killed an 11-month-old cat named Stampy by injecting it with a euthanasia drug instead of a rabies vaccine – a technician had prepared a euthanasia shot for another cat in the room.

That, to me, that just doesn't seem right." He is now involved in a civil suit to try to get his money back.

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Vaughan found Gunner the next day at a local animal shelter after he had been hit by a car."Our job is for the people and the animals of this state. Coconut, who's 12 (pounds), they gave (Snowball) medications, all the medication for a 12-pound dog." The mistake almost killed Snowball, and Mariotte said the dog was in intensive care for three days.

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