Stolen webcam chat footage

15-Jul-2017 12:04

The new catheter can simultaneously retrieve structural and chemical information about arterial plaque, which could be used to more reliably predict heart attacks.

These plaques can burst, and can trigger a blood clot in arteries anywhere in the body.It also doesn't require any injected tracers or any special modification of the catheterization procedures.The new imaging technique could not only improve understanding of mechanisms behind plaque rupture - which can lead to death - but also help diagnose and treat patients with heart disease.These scams are most often run by people in Morocco, Ivory Coast or the Philippines.

Despite the assumption that the scammers are female, they are in fact males using stolen video footage in order to make the person think they're a female.Researchers have developed a new tool for identifying the composition of arterial plaque most likely to rupture and cause a heart attack.