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20-Jun-2017 13:16

Move incrementally on its own without me anywhere near the laptop (generally spazzes to the left). Reduce cursor speed and other mouse options suggested online.

Not allow scrolling/normal touchpad functions when issues are occuring. I have seen similar issues for the HP Envy 17 and other notebooks, but no actual fixes have been proposed. In January 2015 I received via mail, a brand new Envy 15t-q100 purchased from the official HP website.

In regards to the ongoing lack of support aka automated generic responses from HP's "customer support team", I suspect HP has accidentally put out a bad batch of track pads and they simply cant "afford" the parts, labor, and logistics to issue a recall of this magnitude!

Unfortunately this laptop must be completely disassembled to replace its track pad.

On an emulator or a rooted devices you can access this file.

You can pull the database on your computer to investigate the content via your favorite SQlite desktop client.

I debated on sending it back to HP for warranty repair, but after having to wait a month to get this unit in the first place in addition to reading all these horror stories of people getting back a semi destroyed unit and still struggling with the same symptoms, I was willing to tackle this myself.

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If I applied counter pressure by pressing or wiggling on the base of the palmrest, the pressure indication would cease and use of the mouse would return to normal.

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