Updating db from xml

25-Sep-2017 04:36

This is because SQL Server supports XML documents and XML fragments, both of which are considered XML instances.

Although you’ll often see the terms XML instance and XML document used interchangeable, strictly speaking, they are different, with a document being a type of instance, as is a fragment.

In addition, an element’s opening tag can include attributes, such as id=”1234″, which is a combination of an attribute name (id) and it’s value (1234).

An XML document is one that conforms to the ISO formatting rules governing the e Xtensible Markup Language (XML).And if you associate a schema collection with your xml column, you can further validate the structure and its data.SQL Server also provides several options for indexing your xml column, with expanded features starting in SQL Server 2012.An XML document includes two basic types of information: the data itself and the tags that organize and describe the data.

The following XML demonstrates the basic components of an XML document: Elements represent the building blocks of in an XML instance.

Although XML is nothing but simple text, its self-describing format lets it pass data to a variety of systems.