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If you were to find one, that means they are using it efficiently, but as a beginner, you might not know how to use this skill well.

Beginners, leave this skill at 1 point, for experienced users, you have the option to max it. It is very useful for covering distances or getting away from the enemy.

I will be sequentially stating each skill by where it is in the row.

As for skill recommendations, I’ll be stating how many points you should invest into skills by dividing into builds.

If you are having trouble memorizing your path of skill investment, fear not. Click the following link to head to Aisha’s DM and VP skill tree. (0) Row 1: Basic Magic Defense Training - Increase magic defense permanently.

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That amount of defense is very useful, even if it’s a small number.Skill Note: Burn Baby Burn - Increases the duration of the burn effect by 10 seconds. For experienced players or lovers of Chain Fireball, you’ll be able to drop your enemies’ HP a little longer. Pv E – 1/5 Pv P – 1/5 Hybrid – 1/5 Teleport - Instantly transport to a certain location. It’s already maxed, so all I have to say is don’t teleport too much. For those who can get their hands on this very rare skill note, you’ll become even more untouchable as you escape while being invincible as you land. Pv E – 1/1 Pv P – 1/1 Hybrid – 1/1 (5) Row 2: Basic Physical Defense Training - Increases your physical defense permanently. Pv E – 5/5 Pv P – 5/5 Hybrid – 5/5 Gust Screw - Summons a small pillar of fire around you, causing the enemies around to be launched and damaged.

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