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A meeting between the Prime Minister and the Controller of Radio 3, Ian Mc Intyre (described as ‘one of the few supporters in the BBC hierarchy’) explored opportunities to advertise on the BBC (14 December 1984).On 28 February 1985, the Home Secretary Leon Brittan wrote to the Prime Minister suggesting the terms for an inquiry into the financing of the BBC, but the Prime Minister hoped for more, responding: ‘No, the terms of reference are far too limited. ’ Catalogue reference: PREM 19/1437 Date range: 3 April 1980 – 16 December 1985 This file contains correspondence from Julian Amery MP to Thatcher about the possibility of reviving SOE (3 April 1980).On 4 December Peter Warry (Policy Unit) writes to Charles Powell: ‘Michael Heseltine’s shotgun marriage of the European Helicopter industry echoes Harold Wilson’s reconstruction of the motor industry in the 1960s’.On 6 December, at a meeting chaired by the PM, it is reported that Westland are not satisfied with the European bid and wished to proceed with the Sikorsky offer.] to Nigel [presumably Nigel Wicks, PPS] stating: ‘You might like to tell the PM that Michael Heseltine asked me late [?] to try and persuade her to hold a meeting on Friday. I said he must either do it himself or if as he said it was a ‘constitutional necessity’ under Cabinet Government, I suggested he spoke to Clive Whitmore who would if necessary speak to Robert Armstrong’.

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Catalogue reference: PREM 19/1415 Date range: 30 April 1985 – 10 December 1985 This file, and PREM 19/1416, provides useful material on the background to the Westland Crisis of December 1985 – January 1986.On 13 December, AJ Wiggins of the Economic Secretariat states: ‘the position remains that Mr Brittan and Mr Heseltine are pursuing essentially different policies’.On 16 December, Sir Robert Armstrong reports on his investigation of the ‘ring round’ for a possible further meeting on Friday 13 December (to which the Secretary of State for Defence referred in Cabinet on Thursday).The PM comments that there was no point in taking out an injunction against the Observer.

Catalogue reference: PREM 19/1422 Date range: 6 July 1979 – 28 March 1985 This file includes discussions about options for financing the BBC, in particular setting the licence fee.Brittan writes to the PM on 27 December countering Heseltine’s points.